The Festival will take place from 20-24 July in  Vienna (Austria)

International Festival of Choral Art


20-24 July

Dear Friends,

The Centre of International Cooperation

“United Europe Orchester“ under the aegis of The Committee for Culture Of Vienna

are inviting you to take part in the International Festival of Choral Art

 “The Singing Planet“


The Festival will take place from 20-24 July in  Vienna (Austria)

The International Festival of Choral Art is being held as an event envisaged at promoting the art of choral singing and a rendezvous of the talent and artistic perfection of choirs from all over the world.

It is aimed atestablishing artistic mutual relations and bringing together the choirs from Vienna, regions of  Austria and other countries with the view to present and enlarge the array of singing traditions and choral repertoire, both time

-tested and innovative.





·rally concerts of ensembles and choirs of various artistic trends and styles who perform choral music of  different epochs;

·creating and encouraging a welcoming atmosphere for professional dialogue to

share experiences and repertoire

·joint performances of professional and amateur choral groups from different countries of the world;

·exposing a broader audience to choral culture and mastery of choirs from all over the world;

·discovering new names and talents in choral singing;

·involving music producers and managers in the organisation of further presentations of the choirs.










·The Festival is open to Mixed, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Choirs and Chamber Vocal Ensembles (with a minimum of 3 singers).

·In the Festival take part the Choirs from all over the World, which desires to perform its cultural work.

·The age of participants is not restricted.

·The Festival organizers look forward to hosting professional and amateur choirsand choral ensembles




20 of July

 Arrival of participants in Vienna

Registration in Organizing Committee


-the Official Opening ceremony, Gala-concert of the participants

21 of July

International Choral Competition “The Singing Planet”

22 of July


Concerts and performances on the main venues of Vienna

Master classes,workshops,choral studios, sightseeing tours

.After ceremony the round table with members of jury.

23 of July

Concert all of the participants in „Bad Aussee“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Aussee


 Presentation of awards to the participants of competition

The contest for Gran Prixand gala concert of the laureates of International

Choral Competition

the Closing ceremony, presentation diplomas Gala


24 of July

Departure of the participants





·The Festival participants are to cover travel costs at their own expense. The Organising Committee provides: accommodation, cateringandsightseeing programme agreed upon and confirmed by the participants (see below

the variants of festival packages)


·A participant choir is to provide printed promotional materials (in English) to be published as posters, booklets and catalogues of the Festival(the resume is not more that 15 lines);each choir participant will get a free catalogue with information on all the Festival performers;

·Each choir will get a Diploma of Festival

·A delegation may include accompanying persons in any number;

·Official languages of the Festival and competition are German and English.

·Every participant can bring along his own CDs, DVDs with the recordings of the group and sell them during the performances.







·Participation in Gala-concert of the Opening

And Closing ceremony. One work not more than 3 minutes,

·Participation in minimum one concertof the festival. Duration of the performances from 15 to 20 minutes

.·Participation in thematic concerts as Chirche music, folklore music and classical composer's music.


Obligatory for all participation

F.Handel „Halleluja“,

L.v.Beethoven 9.Sympony Choir.

These works will be sing all Choirs together

Not obligatory.

·Participation in the International Choral Competition, Conditions of the contest are below


Not obligatory.


·Participation in workshops, master classes, choral studio and in the presentationsThe scores will be sent before.

The Organizing Committee of the International festival of choral art “The Singing Planet” reserves the right to edit the choir programs.


The festival can be entered by sending the application form by email:













Document Required:

·Application form with all the required information filled;

·introduction of the choir (CV) (in English; max 20lines) and the conductor (by wish),

·photo of the choir(compulsory, min 2 Mb)and conductor,

·the planned festival programs, including times and accompaniment or a-cappella

·CD (sending some pieces by e-mail or CD by post)


E-mail:  rozanovaelena@gmail.com



International Choir Competition



The International Choir Competition “The Singing Planet” is intended to bring together the world’s choirs in order to provide them with the opportunity, not only to compare with each other but also to discuss choral literature from the

individual countries, interpretation, styles, traditions, voice-training and techniques.


Category 1-

theChildren choirs, the number of participants is not limited.

The age should not have morethan 17.



theEqual Voices Choirs Adults (Male and Female)

No maximum or minimum age is stipulated. A choir should not have less than 12 singers; the number of

participants is not limited.



the Mixed choirs. A choir should not have less than 25singers; the

maximum of participants is not limited, the age is not limited.



the Choirs of boys and youth,the number of participants is not limited.


Category 5–

the Chamber choirs should not have less than 12 singers not morethan 24singers,the age is not



Category 6–

thevocal ensembles–participate Female, Male, Mixed and Childrenensembles, the number of participants from 3 to 12 persons in the ensemble, the age is not limited.


Category 7–

the Church,religious and gospel music -

for Female, Male, Mixed and Children choirs and ensembles, the number of participants and the age is not limited.

Category 8–

the Modern music -forFemale, Male, Mixed and Children choirs and ensembles, the number of participants and the age is not limited.


Category 9–

the Folklore music for Female, Male, Mixed and Children choirs and ensembles, the number of participants and the age is not limited.


Category 10 –

the Early music -forFemale, Male, Mixed and Children choirs and ensembles,the number of participants andthe age is not limited.


Category 11–

the Church choirs -forFemale, Maleand Mixed choirs from 12 persons that work at churches and cathedrals, the age is not limited.


Category 12–

the Senior choirs -for Female, Male, Mixed choirs not less than 12 singers, the maximum of participants is not limited, the age must be more that 50 age old. 10% of singers maybe less than50 age.





Registration in Organizing Committee


.Rehearsals. Each choir(ensemble) has the rehearsal in the classroom and 15

minutes on the stage in the contest hall.




Performances of the participants by categories


Performances of the participants by categories

Announcement of the results

And Prizegiving ceremony.

The round table with jury.

The contest of the best groups in every category for Grand PrixGala-

concert of the laureates


The total performance time must be from 9 till 12 minutes, including the entrance and exit from the stage. The time breach jury will take into account in their valuations.The Organizers provide the piano, the other instruments (included

traditional folk music instruments)provide the participants

Attention: only life music, the recording is not permitted!


1.one work composed before 1945;

2.one work composed after 1945 from the choir’s country of origin;

3.one work ofthe choir’s own choice

Minimum one work must be a-cappella.

Announcement of the results



the Folklore music

1.one work of the choir’s own choice from the choir’s country of origin;

2.one work of the choir’s own choice

3.one work of the choir’s own choice


onework must be a-cappella.


one work from the









In the contest for Grand Prix take part the best choirs and ensembles from every category (max.of balls)

The program for this contest:Oneworkof the choir’s/ensemble’sown choicenot more than3 minutes




The jury consists of the international expert adjudicators.

The assessment will be based on the following aspects:

1.difficulty of the performance maximum 25 points

2.intonation, accuracy with respect to the written notes, maximum 25 points

3.vocal technique(tone production, diction, balance and overall)maximum25 points

4.ensemble maximum25 points

5.dynamic,agogics, rhythm, tempomaximum25 points

6.accuracy of style maximum25 points

7.emotions,expressivenessmaximum25 points

8.general impression, disclosure of the content, presentation,

costumes, artisticmaximum25 points

The decisions of the jury are final and may not be legally challenge


The group can get the maximum 200 points:

Thejury determines the places in each category by received points for each choir (ensemble):PlacePointPrizesMoney prize and participation in

Grand Prix contestOne

group that received highest point (in each category)

Gold diploma(Iplace)

(Money prize see below)

First prize(in each category)175 -200

Gold diploma(1place)

Second prize(in each category)155 -174

Silver diploma(IIplace)

Third prize(in each category)121 -154

Bronze diploma(IIIplace)

Diploma of participation 0 -120


in each category


the best of sacred music;

-the best of presentation the program;

-the best conductor of the choir;

-the best soloist;

2.Specialprice “

the best performance of composer”

3.Prize of the public affection.



Rules and conditions:


All choirs which have been officially admitted to the competition can participate. With their application, the choirs agree to the rules and c

onditions of the competition, to recording and broadcasts in sound and television as well as any other sound or visual recording being made in the context of this event, all rights resulting from such recording belong to organizes.

The choirs that sent t

he application with all necessary documents and paid the fee are admitted to the competition.Applications for admission require the following documents:

1.The story of the choir (important concerts performed at home and abroad, prizes or honorsin competitions and festivals etc...)

2.A photo of the choir and conductor.

3.An audio cassette or CD with recordings of the choir in the last 2 years (live if possible; with a list of titles and composers). The recording must contain the works of different style

4.The planned competition programincluding times;


Entrance fee in competition 40€  per participiant

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